Kamus Popok Kain: Bahan (Part 2)

by milispopokkain

Bahan stay dry

  • Microfleece: Menurut Zany Zebra: “Microfleece is 100% polyester and a superior moisture-wicking diaper fabric. It is used next to baby’s skin to keep baby feeling dry and comfortable even in a wet diaper. Microfleece resists staining, and does not hold poo like other diaper fabric can. Best of all, it’s so soft and cushy for baby“.
  • Suedecloth: Bahan ini juga 100% polyester. “Suedecloth is thinner than microfleece but has many of the same qualities that make it perfect for diaper inners. Suedecloth wicks moisture away from baby, resists staining, and does not hold poo. In addition, suedecloth does not pill and stays new-looking longer than microfleece” (dari situs Zany Zebra).
  • Raw silk: Walau belum umum digunakan, namun bahan ini sudah mulai beredar di pasaran. Menurut situs Kayka’s Cloth Kits, “This is a raw silk fiber fabric that is somewhat course but is one of the only all-natural fabrics that is considered “stay dry” and keeps moisture away from the skin. It is used as a diaper inner or a liner next to the baby’s skin to keep the baby feeling dry“.

Istilah bahan yang lain

  • Cotton Terry: Bahan katun ini sering digunakan untuk penyerap dalam popok kain dan juga untuk inner-outer fitted diaper. Tergolong murah namun cukup efektif. Yang mudah ditemukan adalah terry cotton yang biasa kita gunakan untuk handuk.
  • Cotton Sherpa: Bahan campuran katun dan polyester. Menurut Diaper Pin: “Sherpa Terry is knit terry fabric, just like a baby towel, that has been brushed and washed to raise the fibers and give a fluffy super soft feel. Many loops of the terry remain, and absorbency is not compromised. Generally the Sherpa Terry that is used in diapers has a high cotton content, and a small polyester content. Sherpa terry that is 75% cotton and 25% polyester, to 80% cotton and 20% polyester is most commonly used in diapers“.
  • Cotton Flannel: Salah satu bahan katun yang mudah ditemukan. Teksturnya lembut. Umumnya digunakan sebagai outer dan inner popok kain, namun tidak tertutup kemungkinan juga untuk digunakan sebagai penyerap.
  • Cotton Velour: Dari situs Very Baby: “Velour feels similar to velvet, in that it is a pile fabric. Soft and thick, velour is a luxurious fabric for diapers. Just be sure the velour you are using has a high cotton content. No lower than 70% cotton.” Bahan katun dengan tekstur velour sangat halus dan lembut di kulit bayi. Selain katun, ada juga bamboo velour dan hemp velour.
  • Minkee/Minky: Bahan ini tergolong populer. Dalam site Kayla’s Cloth Kits dijelaskan: “This is a 100% polyester fabric with a very soft feel to the right side. It is used as a diaper outer for fitted diapers sometimes but IS NOT WATERPROOF. It also makes a nice diaper inner that is relatively stay dry“.

8 Comments to “Kamus Popok Kain: Bahan (Part 2)”

  1. cari bahannya dmana

  2. bila saya berminat membeli popok kain millis dibalikpapan dmn y?

  3. mom kalo toko offline wilayah jogja ada mom?
    please kalo ada minta alamat dan nomor telp ya mom..
    email saya: rarajanitra@yahoo.co.id

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